Sabbatic Witchcraft

A collection of texts I recommend relating specifically to sabbatic witchcraft as reified by the late Andrew D. Chumbley and henceforth continued by pilgrims and wayfarers both seen and unseen.


The Azoëtia

A Grimoire of the Sabbatic Craft

Andrew D. Chumbley

Azoëtia, otherwise known as the The Book of the Magical Quintessence, is a foundational work introducing you the first circle of sabbatic praxis, the blood-acre. The book is divided into three parts, firstly dealing with practical aspects followed by the teachings of ingress, congress and egress. Lastly the book outlines a series of pracices and methods of magical work that revolve around the twenty-two letters of the Sacred Alphabet. For those interested in sabbatic witchcraft this book is a must.



The Point

Andrew D. Chumbley

Qutub is a liminal text in both word and deed. Written as a bridging point between Azoëtia and the Draconian Grimoire is serves to forge the link between the first and second circle. Through 72 verses of magical poetry the seeker is given a glimpse of the Shadow-form of the Opposer, that which lies between and beyond the two circles. The verses are a meditative exploration that will have the reading returning again and again as further insight is revealed.


The Dragon-Book of Essex

Grimorium Synomosia Dracotaus

Andrew D. Chumbley

The Draconian Grimoire continues the work founded in Azoëtia by introducing the practicioner to the second circle and the mysteries of Azhdeha and Crooked Path Sorcery. The work involves ten arduous mystery rites and a plethora of intersticial workings that will both test and vastly expand the knowledge of the practictioner. This is a demanding work that requires a huge amount of commitment and is not to be undertaken lightly.

Dragon-Book of Essex - Cinematic Monument I. YouTube video copyright of Xoanon Publishing.



The Grimoire of the Golden Toad

Andrew D. Chumbley

Just as Qutub bridges the space between Azoëtia and the Draconian Grimoire, so does One bridge the gap between the Dragon-Book and the Auraeon, the third and final part of the Trimagisterion that will introduce the worker to the third circle. One serves to explore the ritual known as The Waters of the Moon from two forms of ingress, that of traditional ways and that of a more illumined understanding of its sorcerous elements. A highly difficult book to source, a second edition of this important work is forthcoming from Xoanon.


The Satyrs Sermon

Andrew D. Chumbley

The Sermon originated as a monadic transmission that fortold the teachings of the Satyr and the Virgin, twin elements of the Sabbatic Agapae. A work of love, the accompanying sigils serve to inform and expand the 26 Sermons given.



A Book Without Pages

Andrew D. Chumbley

Khiazmos is also known as A Book Without Pages, a riddle of paradoxical insights and sigillic mysteries that elucidates the projection of the sorcerous self beyond the circle. This is an oneiric work that will unfold as it is both read and unread.


Lux Haeresis

Gammaeas I - The Light Heretical

Daniel Schulke

This is volume one of a two volume series known as Gammaeas which focuses on what is commonly known as The Sight. This book is a foundational text on understanding the projection of the magical vision and understanding that which is seen, both magical and banal.


Idolatry Restor’d

Witchcraft and the Imaging of Power

Daniel Schulke

This works discusses the creation of the magical image, touching on concepts within Lux Haeresis. A small but integral work that has helped inform my own personal work immensely.


Opuscula Magica Volume 1

Essays on Witchcraft and the Sabbatic Tradition

Andrew D. Chumbley

A collection of essays written by Andrew Chumbley from 1990-2003. This is a very important selection of writings that will help seat sabbatic practice within the greater framework of both traditional witchcraft and other occult streams.


Opuscula Magica Volume 2

Essays on Witchcraft and Crooked Path Sorcery

Andrew D. Chumbley

A further collection of essays from Andrew Chumbley from 1992-2000, this collection deals more with roots and furtherance of Crooked Path Sorcery. The book also contains significant illustrations.


Psalterium Caini

The Psalter of Cain

Cultus Sabbati

The Psalter is a unique collection of devotional rites and practices provided by both Cultus Sabbati and its outer sodality, The Companie of the Serpent Cross.


Lapis Lamiis

The Arcanum of the Stone Xoanon

Daniel Schulke

A three part epistle exploring the mysteries of the Stone Xoanon.


The Leaper Between

An Historical Study of the Toad-Bone Amulet

Andrew D. Chumbley

An academic monogram regarding the toad-bone and its historical lineage from animal charm to the intiation of a toad witch. A key supporting work for understanding ‘The Waters of the Moon’ and a recommended text alongside One.


The Book of Q’ab iTz

David Herrerias

The Book of Q’ab iTz is an experiential record of one practioners journey along the crooked path of sabbatic witchcraft, detailing their understanding as developed through three years of working with the Dragon-Book of Essex.

The book is presented in two parts, with a textual summary offered at the outset followed by the work proper, a collection of astounding and insightful artwork very much in the vein of both Spare and Chumbley yet still its own reflection.

All video and music created by Daniel Yates.


By Moonlight and Spirit Flight

The Praxis of the Otherworldly Journey to the Witches’ Sabbath

Michael Howard

A monogram on the sabbatic flight, the historical use of salves and the history of the ancestral horde.


The Pillars of Tubal-Cain

Nigel Aldcroft Jackson & Michael Howard

A work exploring the angelic history of western occultism and the relevance of the Luciferian tradition to modern witchcraft practices.


The Book of Fallen Angels

Michael Howard

In spirit a sequel to The Pillars of Tubal-Cain, this book focuses specifically on the fallen angels, or the watchers, and challenges many misconceptions on their diabolic history.


Masks of Misrule

The Horned God and His Cult in Europe

Nigel Aldcroft Jackson

An extensive study of the horned god within traditional witchcraft from a historical perspective.


Call of the Horned Piper

Nigel Aldcroft Jackson

A small but informative work on the sources of various myths often found within traditional witchcraft.


The Afflicted Mirror

A Study of Ordeals and the Making of Compacts

Peter Hamilton-Giles

An integral works that explores the idea of the ‘Other’ needing to take on an afflicted form to attract our attention. It also looks at how the worker instigtes relationships with both Gods and spirits, a field rarely touched on.


Grimoire of the Baron Citadel

The Book of the Four Ways

Peter Hamilton-Giles

A book of sorcerous praxis dealing with the numen of the crossroads and the Baron as dual force of traditional Vodou and British Witchcraft.



New Images of the Sabbatic Mysterium

Daniel Schulke

An exhibition catalogue showcasing images painted by the current magister of Cultus Sabbati, offering insight to various streams of thought within the work.


Via Tortuosa

An Exposition on Crooked Path Sorcery

Daniel Schulke & Robert Fitzgerald

A grimoire elaborating the occult ontology of Crooked Path Sorcery by three initiates of the order Cultus Sabbati.