A collection of texts I recommend relating to the use of plants, the development of plant allies and a greater understanding of the flora mysterium. The green way is very much a developing route for myself and so I envisage this list expanding and contracting as experience informs.


Viridarium Umbris

The Pleasure Garden of Shadow

Daniel Schulke

For my introduction to the magical world of plants this book has been as no other. Taking the important attitude of developing relationship and due respect to the spirit of the plants before consideration can be given to how they can be used the Viridarium has placed itself as the cornerstone of green magic.


Ars Philtron

Concerning the Aqueous Cunning of the Potion and its Praxis in the Green Art Magical

Daniel Schulke

With the knowledge garnered from the Viridarium, Ars Philtron deals extensively with the medium of potions as reified within a sabbatic-alchemical remit.



Magic, Witchcraft and the Poison Path

Daniel Schulke

A book focusing on esoteric toxicology that looks at how magic and poison have been used to both harm and to also bring about religious ecstasy and occult knowledge.


Thirteen Pathways of Occult Herbalism

And Other Homilies on Botanical Magic

Daniel Schulke

A philosophical primer to The Green Mysteries, Thirteen Pathways serves to inform the reader on the various pathways to knowledge of the herbal craft.


Plants of the Devil

Corinne Boyer

A historical and practical work on the herbs tht are associated with the Devil, examining the folklore of the British Isles and Europe.

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The Vineyard of the Resurrection

Liber Gannath Aur-Kha-Zia

Daniel Schulke

A mystery text pertaining to the Wine of Midnight and the acquisition of the Holy Vintage.

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The Epistle of the Tree

Being the Oracle of the Witch-Tree Eshemhayya

Daniel Schulke

A mystery text pertaining to the teachings received from the body entire of the witch-tree Eshemhayya.


Alchemy Rising

The Green Book


An introductory practical manual on the sacred art of alchemy.



The British Midwinter Blessing Custom

Simon Reed

A study of the folklore behind the British tradition of wassailing the apple trees.


Under the Witching Tree

A Folk Grimoire of Tree Lore and Practicum

Corinne Boyer

This work focuses on the rustic magical traditions that have their roots in the trees of Western Europe and North America.


Under the Bramble Arch

A Folk Grimoire of Wayside Plant Lore and Practicum

Corinne Boyer

This work focuses on magical and medicinal applications of the wayside plants, those found in the liminal spaces where the wilderness and mankind meet.



A Folk Medicine Herbal / A Folk Magic Herbal

Nigel G. Pearson

An interesting book that is two books in one, each reveal by the turning of the book. The first book details the practical applications of a variety of herbs whereas the second book deals with the magical application of the same herbs.


Leechdom, Wortcunning and Starcraft of Early England

Thomas Oswald Cockayne

A collection of writings from pre-Conquest Britain on plants, medicine and the heavens, mostly in Old English with accompanying modern English translations.