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Daniel Yates

Arcanum is a visual exploration of the authors personal occult reality. Through the use of the photographic medium Arcanum challenges the reader to explore a different appoach to perspective and form. With supporting text to take the journey further, Arcanum is volume one of a series of personal explorations.

From the foreword by Martin Duffy, author of Effigy

It is thus that the writer invites the reader to enter into and explore the images that follow - to allow the still mind to experience those things codified in texture, colour and form, and to encounter those things haunting the spaces where divers constituents converge and tessellate. Through such contemplation the images observed become transformed, and whilst each viewing yields new insight, others remain yet hidden – so it is that the living image remains forever familiar yet unfamiliar, known but unknown, worldly yet other.
— Martin Duffy

Arcanum will be available in 2019 through Anathema publishing. Subscribe to my mailing list to keep up to date on its progress and be sure to visit Anathema for further information.

Featured Work

Publications that feature some of my work



Wyrd Journal Volume 3

Work includes front cover image with additional photography inside.

WYRD is a journal of the archaic esoteric, published bi-annually at the equinoxes by Three Hands Press. As a peer-reviewed occult journal, it expresses both scholarly and heuristic viewpoints and is available by private subscription for contemporary esoteric readership. Its concerns include sorcery, folk magic, witchcraft, myth, folklore, paganism, and ancient mystery religions.


Scheduled for summer 2019

Witch-Ikon: Witchcraft in Art and Artefact

Photographic work included

The figure of the Witch has haunted the margins of religion and spirituality for thousands of years, as a figure of transgressive spiritual power, outlaw magic, and alluring sexuality. Equally pervasive is her presence in art, from ancient depictions in the near east, through the European Middle Ages, down to her present representations in occult subculture. WITCH-IKON gathers a vast selection of images of witches and their diabolical magic, emphasizing the range of artistic depictions that have helped coalesce this most powerful of modern supernatural icons.


Scheduled for 2019

Ritual Space and the Crooked Path Beyond

Work includes extensive photographic contributions

All ritual actions are undertaken in a specified space, one which is defined by its general separation from the everyday. In this forthcoming book Peter Hamilton-Giles looks at the ways in which the practitioner colonises space so as to distinguish its presence from the norm.