The Roebuck in the Thicket

No nurturing for I, no time to stop
Crashing, breaking, snapping, RUN!
The howls, the hounds, the baying non stop
Sweating, panting, cant stop, cant stop!

My mothers work done, my life renewed
The Dark One, Gywnn, will see me gone - pursued
Cast out from the dark, chased through thicket and brush
Cant stop, cant stop - must keep running, keep running, must rush!

The thicket so dense, tears my skin, tears me whole
Must push harder and harder, must climb that hill of the soul
Can hardly see, the dark it surrounds me, the brush surrounds all
Push harder and climb - there can be no more fall

I feel the power within, it  burns for release
I climb my path most destined, although it is without any ease
I rip at the branches, cast myself forth from Annwyn
And before me lies crowds of souls, ushering me in

The thicket behind me
The hard work now done
Now time to prepare
To defeat my father and son

For equinox lies before me
That time of great fight
Where I shall burn brightest
And send the dark off in flight