The Human Tree

All comes into question, a new perspective
A change of dimension
New sides showing their faces
Their colours confusing but warm
I am enveloped within this new world
Like a newborn child I gaze unknowing
Unaware of what is to become
And so the wheel turns again
Changes loom on the horizon of life
Fear ebbs away as realisation dawns
And happiness rises to it's full glory
Those illuminating rays that shine down on me
Purify my leaves reaching out
My roots instilled with new life
And so I grow

Green shoots reach out
Soothing tendrils of flame engulf
Entwining within unforeseen harmony
Discordant doubts take flight
My boughs now free to sway
And beside me the lake
Tranquil and shimmering
My collection of tears happy in release
I shed another as I gaze down
To peer across the lake I see other trees
And so I understand, I feel
I am awake

What are these beasts that reside below me?
Are they my thoughts
Fears, emotions, what are they?
My fruit nourishes them, they are content
At harvest, time of fall
Where willthey go, will they leave?
Or do other purposes hold them to me?
Why won't they speak, why do they stare?
What are they waiting for, ahhh I see
I creak as I smile, as I let go
And so the first leaf falls
And so the wheel turns again