I hesitate before the epitaph
My mourning is deep, a chasm
A longing for peace, still undiscovered
Rents the very temple of spirit asunder
A presence
Another clambers upon the altar
A spill, a swaying aluminium can
A mocking libation for those of old
I shed a tear

As violence ensues beyond
i find a moment of clarity
The Boy
Cowering within the stone, bears witness
His cries going unheard, uncared
Those eyes look upon me with pity, remorse
How small I must seem

I must leave, go
To be respectful through disassociation
Surely the only way
I shudder upon departing, and smile
The boy follows close behind, I can feel
Happiness surrounds him
He is content in release
All homes must crumble
And so we ever move on