Recommended Publishers

Below are a selection of publishers whose works I have purchased and can vouch for. There are many other publishers out there covering many other fields and so this is anything but exhaustive.

I highly encourage everyone to ensure they are on the mailing lists for publishers they are interested in so that you have the oppertunity to purchase titles you want before they hit the second-hand market. With the escalation of international postage pricing in recent years some of the below publishers have also sourced stockists in other countries and so I suggest checking their websites for ways in which you can save on postage costs.

Anathema Publishing

Anathema Publishing aims to publish distinctly inspired – and inspiring – works of art. Through the years, Anathema Publishing has developed a unique savoir-faire, carefully safeguarding the legacy of bookmaking and the publishing of unique literature.

Our esteemed readership places great trust in our capacity to exceed their expectations by delivering only the finest of publications. It is our heartfelt belief that sincere book collectors and devotees of the aesthetic will recognize this commitment to excellence. Our modus operandi remains unchanged, always favouring quality over quantity.

Atramentous Press

The Atramentous Press has been initiated as a platform for exploring the mystical and philosophical approaches found in and amongst traditional practices. Encompassing the world of western occultism from Traditional Witchcraft to Ceremonial Magic, from indigenous folkloric practices both here and abroad, to the bringing together of cross-cultural images and beliefs through the formation of innovative magical expressions, this publishing company has been formed to propagate knowledge through new ways of knowing. It is our aim to open up the debate about how meaning, history, knowledge, magic, superstition, and folklore are understood and applied in various cultural religious practice based settings.Underwriting our focus is the use of critical analysis, and it is here at the forefront of innovative spiritual endeavour and expression

Three Hands Press

In the few years since its inception, Three Hands Press has steadily built a corpus of magical work which has embodied its founding motto Scribae quo Mysterium Famulatur. The primary foci of our books are magic, divination, folklore, folk-religion, magical history, and mysticism, often written from the twofold perspective of scholar and practitioner. As with Xoanon, Three Hands Press maintains its ongoing commitment to textual integrity, artful design, quality craftsmanship, and the ingenium of fascination which gives rise to the Book of Power. We look forward to the continuing privilege of bringing the twenty-first century’s most creative occult thinkers to print.


The aim of Xoanon is literally its own name: the embodiment of divinity fallen from the sky. This arcanum is interpreted in our Work as the manifestation of magical books from the sidereal ‘heaven’ of initiatic consciousness. Our Work thus intends the reification of living magical eidola: the incarnation of visionary and dream-begotten grimoires, the talismanic embodiment of spirits in text and image, and the transmission of lore from mind unto mind.

Fiddlers Green

Fiddler’s Green Peculiar Parish Magazine was born of a languid afternoon of conversation on a sunny tavern lawn. Taking its name from the pleasant afterlife dreamed into being by sailors, cavalrymen, and other adventurous spirits, Fiddler’s Green gathers friends, good cheer, and a bit of magic to create a better world not someday, but now.

In ecclesiastical terms, the word “peculiar” refers to a district outside the jurisdiction of the Church. It’s also a good word for describing my own view of reality, and likely yours as well. And so here is a “peculiar parish magazine” for anyone who doesn’t feel the need to have their inner life directed by others. If it is peculiar that we wish to govern our bodies and souls ourselves, then let us be peculiar.

Nemglan Press

Nemglan Press exists in order to, in its own small way, help re-instate the story-teller as the pre-eminent occult practitioner, the chief hierophant of the Arcanum Vitae. Our ambition is to disseminate exquisite esoteric fiction in books designed with care and attention.

Scarlet Imprint

Our catalogue encompasses the magical and esoteric traditions, witchcraft, esoteric poetry, drama and occulture. As well as books, we produce limited edition tarot decks and art prints. Editorial rigour is intrinsic to our publishing ethos, as is the attention we give to materials, design and typography. Our books are designed and typeset in house, and we are widely recognised for our aesthetic and artistry.

Troy Books

Troy Books began in 2008, founded by Jane Cox and Gemma Gary, as quite literally a small cottage industry. The books were printed, bound, and dispatched from their home in the west of Cornwall. Since then, Troy Books has grown to sit among the world’s most respected occult and esoteric publishers and is proud to work with talented established and emerging authors and artists, each dedicated to their field.

Theion Publishing

Theion Publishing is an independent fine edition press conceived in December 2011 by David Beth and Jessica Grote. We are committed to bringing the most relevant voices of esotericism, occultism and Gnostic spirituality to an informed audience.

Fulgur Publishing

FULGUR PRESS is the leading independent publisher for esotericism and magic in visual culture. Founded in 1992 by Robert Ansell, the press works with artists, writers and editors who explore ideas of agency and enchantment through scholarship and practice. With an emphasis upon material quality and editorial rigour, we seek to make books that challenge the Enlightenment treatment of magic and so rediscover its role and cultural impact today.

Revelore Press

Our inspiration is encoded in our very name: revel in lore. The one thread that weaves together everything we at Revelore do is the joy of narrative, the delight in language and what it makes possible, and sparking that joy in others, whether as consumers or creators themselves.

The Society of Esoteric Endeavour

The SoEE is the publishing arm of Caduceus Books

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