Vampires of Time - A Chaos Thought

Time is a method of calculating the distance between sequences of events. It is a measurement, nothing more, nothing less. The concept of time has been debated by theologians, philosophers and scientists for countless years and no one can agree on it. Time is a method, a tool to measure a dimension - that dimension being relative space between two or more events. All that aside, time is something we have grown to use as a means of understanding part of our relationship with shared reality. We use time to govern our interaction with the outside world. We use it to allocate ourselves to certain tasks, we use it manage ourselves. Due to us placing such great emphasis on time for this task, we have made it one of the most important elements of our shared reality. This has lead to the exposure of one particular kind of problem that faces us all. In a world now dominated by money, we have quite appropriately coined a term which holds more weight than many give it credit for...

Time = Money

In this day and age this is just as rhetorical as "Is the Pope a Catholic?". Time equals money, and no doubt the first thing that enters many peoples minds is "Yeah but what about when I am not working, my time is my own then". Well, that's great, if it where true. Your "own" time is often governed with how you spend the money earned using your time. From here we need to consider looking at time as a currency, which is what it has become. We all have our allotted 24 hour bag of currency, and we take this bag with us everywhere we go and spend it as we are able. Time being used as currency has lead to the creation of one of societies darkest entities.

Vampires of time.

These are people, groups, companies, corporations or combinations of all that seek to further expand their bag of currency by taking as much as they can from someone else. This of course would be seen as work for which we are paid, so what is the problem? Well, ask yourself...what is your time worth? Apparently our bag of currency has its own exchange rate. We increase the value of our currency dependant on how useful our time is. The education system is seemingly the place where we increase this exchange rate. This rat race has lead to a saturation and subsequent diminishing of the education systems ability to further increase your currencies value. Have we forgotten that primarily education is there to educate ourselves, not increase our value to someone else.

A new order has come about, a new way of placing value on your time. We seemingly have reverted back to the age old methods of sacrifice to greater Gods, or in this case, sacrificing our precious asset, time, to the God of Money.

Some try to worm their way around this system by pursuing the avenue of self employment, which results in what we could call the ouroboros syndrome of self consumption. You sacrifice to yourself to increase your own times value and in so doing consume yourself.
We are pressured to work more, sleep less and in those times in between reinvest our currency by converting its value back into time so that we can work more. Consider this...

(Time) generates (Money) generates (Consumption) generates (Less Money) which generates the need for more (Time) to generate more (Money) generating more (Consumption).....

So who are the priests of said God of Money? They are the vampires of time, who spread forth amongst us and cultivate what they can from our little bags of currency. They are the leech, the pickpockets of our assets, stripping us of what they can, devaluing our time at every opportunity and ensuring the God of Money is perpetually satiated.

So, how can we live a better life, a life free from the vampires of time? My thoughts are always drawn to the idea of breaking free of Samsara. I think in this concept there is wisdom and not just that of an endgame. Life is not just about breaking free of one big cycle, it a series of cycles that we progressively unshackle ourselves from and the time/money cycle is indeed one of those shackles. We need to shake off not the need but the desire to remain within that cycle. We must question our materialistic ways if we are to fully understand exactly HOW we are tied to this cycle.