Book Review - In the Centre of the Fire

Having received my copy of James Wasserman's latest offering in the post I dropped all else and got stuck right in. Being someone who is interested in the history of occult groups I have eagerly awaited this titles release. With that said, here are my thoughts having just finished reading.

What struck me from the the beginning was that this was a very personal account of the period in question, that of 1966-1989. Although it is an historical account it is done from a deeply moving personal standpoint. We are taken along James' roller coaster ride of drugs, magick and the ever looming rift between McMurty and Motta. Wasserman gives us a unique insight into the occult zeitgeist, a view which tells of a story that is sad, uplifting, disconcerting and illuminating all at the same time. The brutal honesty in this book is refreshing, Wasserman pulls no punches and lets you in on how his life really was back then. It could have easily been just a tale of mystical experiences and lofty moments of power, of which there are some but these are mixed in with traumatic experiences, failures that we all make as a human being and an exploration on how we move on from that.

This is a book about life, a book about history, a book about love and a book on how to move on when you have screwed up. I highly recommend this to anyone either interested in OTO history or those interested in the human experience of magick.