A Hippy Killer History

(or how to kill noobs and influence people)


The OHK was first formed back in 2003 by Moonbeam (yours truly) after a long stint of running the Counterstrike division of the EVO gaming clan. Moonbeam took on the noble duty of collecting some of the friends he had made in EVO and starting a new clan that, after such a long time of serious and competitive gaming, was going to take a more light hearted approach, something more fun and less demanding and so the OHK was born.

The clan name came to fruition after discussions on a naming convention for our in game names, something that unified us. I first took the name Moonbeam as I told everyone that nothing offends quite like getting pwned in a game by someone with a name like that. Its a bit like Duke Nukem taking on the name Gertrude and still slapping around the bad guys. Others followed suit in this endeavour and a pattern of hippy type names kept emerging so the logical choice of course for this band of misfits to become the Online Hippy Killers.

The clan stuck to its roots for some time and continued to play primarily Counterstrike: Source but with the announcement of Team Fortress 2 the pre-orders couldn't get thrown in quick enough. Over the past 15 years the clan has played more games than could be listed here but one thing has always remained constant, the desire to not take it too serious. We fail at that sometimes and we constantly remind ourselves to lighten up for that is what friends do, and that is what this gaming clan has become - a right good bunch of friends.