We clad the earth in stone, wrap the air in glass,
Encase waters in clay, fire in metal held fast.
We tame the world around us to feel strong, to feel powerful.
Does that make us complete?
No, we are mere amateurs.

We hide from the truth yet call ourselves wise,
We wage endless war seeking peace as a prize.
We lie, we cheat, we steal and yet we feel.
Does this make us complete?
No, we are mere fools.

We have thousands of friends, yet still crave human touch,
We commute, pollute, take in too much.
We consume like a virus, spread like a plague
Does anything complete us?
We are being far too vague!

When did we shift, when did it go wrong?
When did we stop being so strong?
Where are our guides, our shamans, our teachers?
Is it you ‘cause you read a book by Nietzsche?

We need purpose, we need focus
We need the witchcraft of old
We need wisdom and direction
We must stop being sold
We need morals, we need ethics
We need you to give a shit!
We need you awake,
That’s all that’s needed, get it?