Reading Is Not Believing

I would like to be frank with you for a moment, is that OK?

I don't know the first thing about Iran beyond it being a theocracy. Did you know that, that I knew so little about it? I barely know anything about Saudi Arabia either, or Iraq. The same goes for Syria other than people are fleeing that country for some reason.

Is this ignorant of me? Am I somehow obliged to know this information? Of course not no. I don't know this information and therefore do not make commentary on current affairs involving that which I don't know. Before we proceed any further with this though I need to make something clear. I do not trust media outlets. Let me be very clear about it. I do not trust ANY media outlets. I know many of you will have a particular media source who you like to mock with awe at how stupid they can be. Here in the UK people tend to talk this way about the Daily Mail newspaper and I see my American friends often comment in a similar way about Fox News.

I see them ALL in this way.

I don't know much about the countries I mentioned above because I don't trust the sources of information that are available on them. When a conflict is occurring I see my social media erupt with opinion from both sides of the fence. Everything from support our troops to support the refugees is blurted out with blind abundance, all the while each side posts links to a variety of media outlets clearly supporting their claims.

So who is right? I really don't care as the entire basis of your opinion is based on a source I deem to be a rampant liar, no exceptions. I do not see the people sharing this information as liars of course but I do see them as ill informed. The media are guilty of widespread social terrorism, going to great lengths to stir fear and frenzy in its readership so as to keep them glued to that outlet for more information that they can feel good about sharing on social media, further propagating the material and successfully advertising the outlet for them.

Sharing a news article is not demonstrable of how much you care about something. It is no better, in fact it is WORSE than those people who ask for likes on a support cancer awareness picture somehow thinking that makes a difference. I always find it is the prolific news share folks who are the ones to heavily criticise those they openly call stupid for sharing images like the one mentioned but I would go as far as to say that THEY are in fact the stupid ones. Cancer is a real issue that most people know on a real world level. Yes, their method of 'raising awareness' is fruitless and achieves nothing but it is nonetheless harmless. You who mindlessly share news under the pretence of social justice and actively call for action whilst sat at your desk or on your phone are doing far more harm as you are actively helping to propagate the 'truth' as dictated by the media on an issue that is very rarely real to you beyond what that outlet told you.

Just ponder that for a moment. YOU are choosing to be a media puppet. That does not make you clever or just, that just makes you stupid. You want to tell me all about the issue in Syria eh? I need to be informed on how bad it is? By all means regale me with tales of your experiences from when you got off the plane at Damascus. I guess I will be waiting a while.

There is whole, real world out there. Get outside and take it in and you will find that there is a lot of beauty out there and a whole lot of ugliness too. When you come across that ugliness it is tangible and real, not some media glossed nonsense refined to ensure maximum readership and retention. Only then can you truly engage with an issue with genuine concern.

Daniel Yates