An End

Over a span of years now I have attempted to capture a view of the world that is my own and to share that view with others. I have attempted to give an insight through image into a philosophy of thought that would encourage the viewer to contemplate new ways of looking at things. In more recent years I have attempted to make some of that work available to buy as a means of making my photography viable as, for example, replacing a camera once broken and worn gets very expensive as was recently realised.

What was also realised was that in the last three years the sum total of my photographic income has been negative. The cost of attending the Welsh Occult Conference last year and having a number of prints made up for sale to then sit at a stall for six hours and sell not one single thing whilst every stall around me made plenty was a blow both emotional and financial. Many did approach me and ask how they might replicate said work themselves which served as an early indicator of how the day was going to pan out.

Attempts to run a store via my website yielded a net total of three prints sold in the entire time it was running regardless of promotion across a variety of platforms. Engagement on social media has been very limited and at recently reaching 1000 followers on Instagram I decided to run a print giveaway. A grand total of 10 people entered, just 1% of those following me on there. It would appear that aside from being unable to sell any of my work it is a struggle to even give it away for free.

All of this has been occurring whilst being surrounded by many other artists seemingly garnering a lot of support and enjoying some degree of financial success with their work. So far I have managed to garner a variety of private messages from various people on various platforms dispensing vitriol, hatred and in a couple of instances wishes of a timely demise.

I think I am done. 

The only success I can really hold on to is a book of my photography will be released by Anathema Publishing later this year. I have been fortunate to have Gabriel believe there is some value in my work for which I am forever grateful and I sincerely hope that people will show Anathema the support they deserve and purchase the book, who knows you might just like it!

In all other avenues my efforts have been in vain and it is time I accept the reality of it and step away. It hasn’t been an easy decision to make but failure is what it is and I accept that now.

Daniel Yates