The EU Referendum

This is not going to be a post on whether I think you should vote to leave or remain - that choice is yours and yours alone. My goal here is to try and encourage you to think. The picture is large and complex, the facts elusive and dangerous.

There is no right or wrong choice, just your choice

Whichever way the vote turns out it is not the end of the world, contrary what all the politicians, media and celebrities would have you believe. There will be drastic changes to our country no matter what the outcome. If we leave then we need to forge anew our position in the world, if we remain we will be taking one step close to full integration into Europe. Neither of those futures is the end of the world, it is just change and it is not something to be scared of. Fear is the tool that is being used by manipulators on both sides of the fence to sway you in their favour, try to pay it no heed.

There are very few facts and whole lot of what ifs

There is a reason no one can flat out win a debate on the outcomes of either vote - no one actually knows what will happen. There is a lot of speculation, a dash of educated guesses and a whole gamut of uneducated guesses as well. This is a journey into the great unknown and this is why emotions are running very high as the day looms closer. Embrace the unknown and relish in the journey no matter which direction we walk. Like it not we take the journey together.

Understand the nature of provision

When someone provides us a service, sells us items or helps us do the same do they do so out of the kindness of their hearts? It may be a pessimistic view to take but no they don't. Facebook do not provide their platform to you free of charge out of kindness, they do so to make money from the revenue your data generates. In the referendum each side has their reasons for staying or leaving that are of no concern to you as far as they are concerned, reasons that benefit them be they financial or political.

So, limited facts, key players with an agenda they are sketchy about sharing and a whole host of verifiable lies being thrown around both camps. What else were you expecting, its voting time! Try to stay happy, keep smiling and remember - this is not some armageddon, doomsday style decision that will bring about the end of days (or the end of afternoon tea in our case).