A Few Thoughts on Gaza

In the news, Gaza. Across all of social media, Gaza. In living rooms, coffee shops and on the streets, Gaza. The current conflict of note in the middle east if you hadn't gathered already is the battle between the Palestinians of Gaza and their neighbours the Israelis. War is occurring pretty much all the time so what is making this particular fight so different? Let me posit something a little controversial compared to most ongoing conversations on this topic - I DON'T CARE.

I don't care that Hamas are firing missiles into Israel and I don't care that Israel are sending in ground troops to destroy secret tunnels used to cross the border to allow said rocket firing. I don't care about Palestine's issues with the blockade and I don't care about Israel's claims of Hamas rocket launchers being hidden behind family's to use them as a human shield.

What do I care about? It's quite simple really - I care about people.

People are dying - not Israelis, not Palestinians but people. Human beings. Men, women and more closer to my heart children. Blown up, shot dead - murdered. Therein lies the key word to all of this - murder.

Neither side can uphold their side of the bargain when a truce is called and they devolve into pathetic rhetoric as to whose fault it is. The powers of both sides are angry bitter children in adult bodies who should be sent to the front line to fire a gun themselves. It is easy to say no to peace when you are not the one physically at war.

The powers of both sides in this conflict are murders and when the dust settles I hope that both are held accountable for the vast multitude of war crimes that are being committed. The people paying the price for this nonsense are the children, those who died have paid the ultimate price whilst those left behind pay a bitter psychological price that will haunt them and quite possibly be fuel that brings generation after generation of the same repeated conflict over the same pathetic claims laid by two political groups that are both corrupt and full of hate.

I get increasingly concerned at seeing how many people are picking a side. As is typical in the west people are making a trend out of it, it showing character to speak out against one for the other. The rest of the world needs to condemn BOTH sides of this conflict if there is any hope of moving forward when the dust settles. Murder is murder, inexcusable regardless of land claims, political claims or religious claims.

Human life needs to come before borders.

SocietyDaniel Yates