My Camera Needs a Scarf!

Five days ago I started Project 365 and have really enjoyed looking for the alternative, seeking out images I might previously have missed or not considered. Part of my plan was to get out and about more and go exploring - but then the big freeze hit. As I type this my back garden is sitting at -5C/23F and it has been this way for a few days now, yesterday morning it dipped as far as -8C/17F.

My plan had been to get out and about more, exploring for hidden pictures that have yet to be taken but I had concerns over my camera being used in such low temperatures. My camera body is a Canon 500D and apparently its lowest operating temperature is 0C/32F - my poor camera needs a scarf! Until the temps increase I am limited to taking indoor images as part of the promise I made to myself when undertaking this project was to only use my DSLR and not my iPhone 5 even though it has a great camera.

When considering low temperatures you need to also think about your lenses. A major issue they can face is both operation in low temps but also the transition back into heat when you get back home. Moisture is not a good thing for your optics and mould is a common thing found in lenses due to this - one of many reasons I only ever buy lenses new and not second hand.

Be sure to take care of your gear guys and gals, make sure you check what the temperature is before you take your camera out and even if it is above 0C/32F be careful with your lenses. A useful tip is to place your camera bag in a cool area of the house when you return so that it can acclimate slowly.