App Review - Tweetbot for iPhone

I have been a user of twitter since 2008 and in all that time I have never made any kind of regular use of the website. To me it kind of defeats the point - I have always seen twitter as something for the mobile generation. As you can imagine this has lead to me working my way through a whole variety of twitter clients, the first of which was on a Blackberry Bold 9000 almost 5 years ago *shudder.

Since moving to iPhone I have used heaps of different apps with the native app, twitterific and osfoora being some of the more well known offerings. More recently I coughed up the dough for Tweetbot and the old adage of "You get what you pay for" really rings true in this instance. Tweetbot proceeds to expose the utter lack of functionality in the native app and takes the best and most useful features of all the other apps and bundles them into one place.

Being a user of other apps made by developer TapBots (I use WeightBot and ConvertBot) I expected a certain high standard of design in the UI and I was not disappointed, this app is beautifully crafted. Alongside the amazing design is a powerful feature set including translation (a feature originally present in the native app which was later pulled with no explanation), list management in-app, the ability to mute a user from your feed for 1 day, 1 week or 1 month. You can even mute them forever which allows you to keep someone in your twitter contacts whilst not seeing their posts although you will still receive @ mentions and direct messages.

The final selling point for me was the ability to disable an individuals retweets from within the app. Previously this was only really achievable by going to the website and you cannot even do that from your mobile unless you use a third party mobile browser that can fool twitter into thinking it is a desktop client. Twitter really needs to rethink what settings you can change via mobile browser.

TapBots are definitely raising the bar in design and functionality and I look forward to seeing what future apps they offer up.