Awkward Photography

I think it is safe to say that today was my first dose of awkward street photography. We decided to visit the local park seeing as the weather was nice and I of course thought photo shoot time! The park just around the corner form my house is nicely nestled in amongst a small wooded area and I thought I would put my new macro lens to work on some potential small wildlife, plus get some nice portraits of the kids and the my wife.It never dawned on me until we got there - lots more kids, onlooking parents and a dude with a camera walking around...hmm as you can imagine it got awkward pretty quick. My immediate solution was to stick very close to my family making it very clear to onlookers that "I am with these guys!" but as you can imagine this was going to make wandering into the trees for some nature shots damn tricky. After a good 10 minutes of picking my camera up only to put it back down as other peoples kids came anywhere close I decided enough was enough. From there on in I just kept camera in hand, took shots of everything and anything I wanted on the simple basis that no one else's child was in frame. If a parent has a problem I knew that I would simply have to be willing to show them the photos I have taken to reassure them that there was nothing to worry about. I guess the lesson I learnt today was that as a photographer you need to be able to be confident in what you are doing around people who may not necessarily like the fact you are there. To be understanding yet at the same time getting the job done.

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