The World of Fruit and Robots

Firstly a disclaimer. I am a user of Apple hardware, many different forms of it. It serves my needs in a way other technologies are either incapable of or are very bad at doing. I am not however what is oft termed an Apple fanboy. I do not trawl internet forums and comment threads looking for Android users to bash or get all defensive with. If you cannot see me as a user of certain hardware and see all Apple users as fanboys then i'm afraid this article will be of little use to you.

Today, September 12th 2012, is a long awaited day for Apple users where we are expecting the announcement of the iPhone 5. It is on this day, with all the nerd rage going on around the internet, that I thought I would at least attempt to enlighten people as to the truth behind the whole Apple vs. Android debacle. I will try my best and if it still doesn't make sense to you afterwards then I guess I can't help you.There is firstly a very important point that needs to be clarified - in the world of smartphones Apple are unique. There is no other company in the world that operates as they do. How is this you may ask, it is simple really. Apple are the manufacturer of the iPhone AND the creator of iOS, the operating system that runs the iPhone - Apple are a fully self contained company.With that in mind let us look at Android...Android is the name of an operating system and that is it. Android is not a type of phone or the name of a phone manufacturer. The reason so many think otherwise is because users of phones with Android as its OS simply refer to it as an Android phone, which really is a mistake. There are lots of different phones from lots of different manufacturers that all run some form of the Android operating system. Examples being HTC, LG, Motorola, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony. If we wanted to be pedantic we should be insisting that people refer to their phone correctly i.e "I have a Sony" or "I have a HTC" - but there is no need to be pedantic about it, yet there is a need for this important difference to be clarified. If iPhone users where to think the same way we wouldn't call ourselves iPhone users we would be saying "I have an iOS phone" - see the difference?

OK, so with that cleared up lets lets now look at the hot topic - all this throwing around of numbers such as who has the biggest market share. Many Android users are often keen to inform the rest of the world, especially iPhone users, that Android has the biggest market share and is growing faster than the iPhone. Firstly, let us not forget the previous lesson, that Android is just an OS that is present on lots of different manufacturers handsets. Termed correctly what is really being said is this - "All the different handset manufacturers combined are selling more units than Apple" - well hey, it does not surprise anyone that a collection of over 15 different major phone manufacturers are selling more units than just one other company! Lets put it into perspective. The Android operating system is present on more phones than the iOS operating system is present on iPhones. There are more iPhones sold than any other one manufacturers whole line up of phones - see the difference? I hope so as I really cannot see any other way of putting it! The second hot topic is that of copying, sigh...ok so lets look at it. Apple recently won a court case against Samsung claiming that Samsung had copied their design in their line up of smartphones. Looking at the comparisons you can quite easily see that this is the case.

When in talks with Google Samsung where told by Google staff that the designs where infringing on Apples and there would be trouble in the future. Samsung chose to ignore this sound advice and have since had their wrists seriously slapped. Yet, with that now out of the way what should be the future hold for smartphone manufacturers? I think there needs to be a general consensus that as far as physical design is concerned there is a very limited range for genuine innovation and the patent wars should be dampened down. The new arena for innovation needs to be in the operating systems. Well, thats my tuppence worth on the issue anyway, I hope this article has been informative for you and more importantly I hope you are able to be happy with whichever smartphone you decide to use without feeling the need to complain at the users of other phones!